Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling gear is pretty easy to find in beach communities. Your local sports warehouse and even the local supermarket carry entry level masks, snorkels, and fins. Well, with snorkeling, you get what you pay for. A cheap mask will probably leak water because it doesn't fit the shape of your face. And it's really annoying to get water leaking in your mask. The salt water stings your eyes, and the water will block your view of all of the cool fish and creatures.

Money Savings

If you're new to snorkeling and you want to try out some gear before you invest $100 or more, then rent from a local dive shop. I like to rent from Unreal Find which is located about 15 minutes from La Jolla Shores. You can find their website at Unreal Find They claim to be the ultimate on-line store for smart shoppers. I have found their store front and face-to-face service to be pretty good. (I haven't used their internet service because I live in San Diego.) Last summer I took my 11-year old nephew to Unreal Find to rent him a wetsuit. He's a very slender kid. I thought it would be hard to find him a wetsuit. Well, the two sales clerks were very friendly and provided excellent customer service. They brought out a few suits and masks and snorkels. After a few tries, my nephew found the perfect fit. My nephew was a little nervous about snorkeling for the first time and he had a lot of questions. The sales staff were very patient and answered all of his questions. They showed him pictures of local fish in books and brochures, and explained how to use the mask and snorkel.


Fins are like shoes. They need to fit your feet or they will be uncomfortable. I have high arches, and in the past, some fins irritated the top of my feet and caused blisters or cuts. So I've really shopped around. I finally found a pair of slip-on, no strap, soft rubber fins. The brand and style is listed as so: Body Glove Snap Adult Snorkel Fins. I bought them at Sports Authority. They are very fast and really help me glide through the water with good speed. You can find their website at Sports Authority

Tips for cleaning your snorkel gear

Here's a list to clean your gear:

  • Rinse gear with fresh water.
  • Put clean gear on a towel or in a bag to dry.
  • Store gear in a cool dry place.
  • Rinse wetsuit with fresh water.
  • Hang wetsuit in shower at home or outside to dry.
  • To learn how to write a dive report, follow this link Dive Report