Photography and snorkeling go hand in hand. Most good snorkeling sites are also located in beautiful tourist locations. I like to take pictures of the sites before and after I go diving.

In the past, underwater photography was a risky business. Divers put cameras in bulky water tight cases. The handles were difficult to hold and manage. And we lived with the fear of water leakage and destruction of an expensive camera.

Today we have really amazing waterproof cameras, both digital and SLR, that do not require special housings. These new breeds of cameras are lightweight and easy to use underwater or above water.

How can I select a camera for snorkeling?

Today, finding and buying the right camera for your snorkeling adventures is easy. Inexpensive, single use waterproof cameras can be bought at drugstores and supermarkets. After you have finished taking photos, just turn in the whole camera at your local photo dealer in a drugstore. They will develop and print photos for you.

Steps to selecting a digital water proof camera:

  • Know your price range.
  • Research cameras. I like to use and
  • Go to a store and test drive the camera. Large warehouse stores like Best Buy sometimes have lower prices.
  • If you want to ask someone a lot of questions, a small, local camera store is good for you.
  • Take a class at your local community college to learn digital photography. I grew up using SLRs cameras and I found a few digital photography classes very helpful.

Batteries for digital cameras

Pay attention to the life of the battery and ease of recharging.Some cameras use standard size bateries that you can load with chargeable batteries. If you are on vacation and forget your charger, you can find AA batteries at any market.

Other cameras require a proprietary battery which requires its own charger. When you travel, be sure to check that you have packed this charger.

What do we look for in a waterproof camera?

Here's a list of features:

  • Size of memory card. Buy a second one with at least 2GB of memory so you can take video too.
  • Waterproof depth. If you will only snorkel, then 10 feet of waterproof depth is enough for most snorkeling.
  • Viewfinder size. Underwater, things are distorted by refraction. Be sure the viewfinder is large enough.
  • To learn how to write a dive report, follow this link Dive Report